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Originally Posted by CB-PDX View Post
Just wanted to let others know that they should look for this temporary logo to line up on to get this turn signal to change to green.

Also wanted to rave about the the Office of Transportation and the maintenance crew!
Thanks guys!!! What service!!!
-happy biker-
I retired from the Maintenance Bureau after 25 years. It is a little known fact that customer service requests go to the head of the line. In other words, if I had a daily list of locations where some routine maintenance like drain grate cleaning needed to be done, and someone called in a problem at a certain location, I would do that one first and then return to "the list". Been that way since day one, which was 10-4-79 for me.

You can always send your message through Roger Geller, your neighborhood association, BTA or another advocacy group or some other level of the bureaucracy, but if it's just a routine maintenance call and doesn't require bridge building or land acquisition, call maintenance dispatch at 823-1700...That's who Roger will call most of the time.
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