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Default biker kayaker sites

I have bike toured San Juan Island a couple of times and would do it again. I recommend parking at ferry terminal in Anacortes, that way you don't have to wait in long lines to board the ferry with car. Parking is immediately adjacent to Ferry dock and info is available at Washington State Ferry Site. As far as availability of campsites, I was told by camp manager that if you bike to county park he will find a spot for you, and no one will be turned away. I believe its about 11 miles out to the site, with some long hills, and roads are at times a little narrow, but lots of bikers are out there so you should feel reasonably safe. There are no stores out there so buy what you need in Friday Harbor and carry it to the site. Also no showers available at the campsite. Showers may be available at marina at Roche Harbor. Loop around island is approx. 30 miles. You'll want to check Ferry schedules but you should be able to board morning Ferries to either Orcas or Lopez, do a bike tour, and return on evening ferries back to San Juan. Bring bike lights in case you need to ride before sunrise to catch ferry or return late. You pay to ferry from Anacortes to San Juan then all inter-island ferry trips are free until you return to Anacortes. Don't miss Orcas, the roads are no more narrow than San Juan and the scenery is worth the effort. If in shape plan on climbing 2450 foot Mt Constitution, the view is spectacular when weather co-operates. Lopez is by far the most mellow, and autos are extra nice to bikers. All island loop tours average 30 to 40 miles of rolling hills, the continuous up and down require you be in reasonable shape to enjoy. I recommend getting the book, "Bicycling the BackRoads around Puget Sound" by Erin and Bill Woods. Enjoy!
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