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Default Left turn signal onto Skidmore from Interstate

I have a regular route from a friends house that takes me south on Interstate. I then get in the left hand turn lane to try and make a left heading east onto Skidmore (crossing the MAX tracks).
I kept getting frustrated by the light not recognizing I was there waiting to make a left hand turn. Sometimes I would wait through 4 or 5 light changes, and still no left hand turn arrow. (With a steel bike, with an aluminum bike, right on the bike logo, a little to either side - still nothing...).

Yesterday I filled out on online form on telling the Office of Transportation about the problem I had been having with the light.

Within a coulpe of hours I got an e-mail from Roger Geller, the Bicycle Coordinator at the City of Portland Office of Transportation saying that the light signal shop would look at it. Wow!

Today, less than 24 hourss after my initial e-mail, Gerry, from the City of Portland signal shop called me to let me know he looked at the intersection and has painted a temporary bike logo to the right of the old logo - letting me know this is where I should line up until a permenant logo is put down. Wow again!

Just wanted to let others know that they should look for this temporary logo to line up on to get this turn signal to change to green.

Also wanted to rave about the the Office of Transportation and the maintenance crew!
Thanks guys!!! What service!!!
-happy biker-
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