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Default MLK as a valid road to bike

What MLK has going for it for cyclists is what any heavily trafficked area has going for it:
> better maintained surface and lighting due to more users complaining
> better visibility and sightlines for spotting hazards
> signal prioritization for that road allowing users to move through in one continuous movement without stopping. All side streets have stop signs and secondary right of way.
) If we assume that a main road carries 90% of the traffic load in an area and we can reduce their need to stop we can effectively reduce the number of “failure to stop” type accidents that occur.

Low traffic streets, and poorly designed bike boulevards, often have:
> a stop sign every 1 – 2 blocks, severely reducing the average speed of any cyclist.
> less maintained road surface, more trash
> if it is residential, and most bike boulevards route through residential areas, there is a much higher chance of encountering children or pets darting out in to the road with out looking.
> there are fewer witnesses when that cager decides you don’t belong in his way. You might believe that more people would see something like that in a residential area but people haven’t been sitting on their porches watching the neighborhood since the 1950’s.

So, yeah, the high speed – high traffic road can in fact be much safer.
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