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Originally Posted by Matt P. View Post
It's the "One Hour Earlier" ride from Common Grounds
Bikepool from SE Hawthorne and 43rd to downtown (via Hawthorne Bridge)

Starting point: Common Grounds Coffeehouse (SE Hawthorne between 43rd and 44th)

Monday mornings
Meet at 7am to drink coffee
Leave at 7:30 sharp for a leisurely ride downtown

New and experienced bicyclists welcome.

(This is for us poor souls who have to be at work at 8am)
For those who showed up this morning, I apologize profusely for not making it to lead the ride. I blew it. I killed my bike on the Harvest Century yesterday, and should have emailed the Shift list and posted here as soon as I got home. Instead, I collapsed into bed, and was reminded of the ride this morning by Outlook.

I am very sorry, and hope that you will all make the attempt again next Monday morning. Thanks.
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