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Angry UGL 570... Red Sports Car.

UGL 570 a red sports car (pontiac?)

I was riding into Portland this afternoon on Barbur Blvd. I passed Barbur Transit, and was heading straight for the next light at a good speed. I noted that the light was red, and several cars were stopped. I backed off the speed to try to time it so I wouldn't need to stop, and sure enough the light turned green. It was then that I felt nervous about the situation, and slowed down even further, and moved far to the right in the bike lane.

Suddenly, a red sports car, plate UGL 570 pulled right, just ahead of me, and proceeded to pull into a closed coffee stand to pull around to go back uphill. Had I not backed off my speed, and kept to the right in the bike lane I'd have been a victim of a right hook.

The driver looked like one of those guys you see on "The Deadlist Catch", and he had his curly, white haired, mother with him.

When he stopped, I expected him to get out and talk about what had just happened, but he just yelled "Sorry", in a tone that I felt was less than genuine, and then backed up to pull out and go back uphill.

It all happened so fast I didn't have a chance to pull my camera out, and since I wasn't hurt, and nobody stopped to see if I was ok, I kept moving too (but not before I wrote down the license plate).

You can post replies to this incident here.

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