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Default Need for a good eastside North/South bike route...

There seems to be an absence of a good (i.e. safe and bikelaned) North/South route on the east side of Portland that addresses the I84/Sandy crossing and then some...

This seems to be backed up by after reading some comments in the forums and the recent blog post about the cyclist that got hit at NE 28th near FredMeyer.

Two part question:

1. What are preferred North/South routes on the east-side?
In general I like riding 11th and 12th since they are one-way trafficked streets. But riding around LloydCenter is a pain.

2. Is a contiguous North/South eastside bike lane a priority for BTA or city bike planners?
Looking at the BTA website, it's on their "other-projects" list but not on their top-ten radar. Is this a top-ten worthy issue? From the volume of riders I see riding north-south, I think it might be.
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