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Default Ainsworth to PCC? PieCe of Cake.

Ainsworth to PCC? PieCe of Cake.

Go north to Holman (just because I love Holman). You could go east on Ainsworth, but it gets mighty narrow with parked cars and really, who needs that?
Head east to 37th , then take a right.
Go south on 37th (note the innovative treatment at Prescott jump on the sidewalk for a bit)
A few blocks after Wilshire Park 37th Ave Ts into Alameda
Bear left, swinging south to cross Fremont, then follow Alameda all the way to 67th. Enjoy all the trees and views and such.
Take a right at 67th, then left at Sacramento.
Bear right and follow 72nd down through the golf course.
Turn left on Tillamook, then right on 74th. Follow 74th south, or wander over to 76th after
Take a left at Burnside, then right on 80th and head south until you hit the campus.

7.3 miles altogether, about 45 minutes if you average 10 mph (as the city guideway signs assume you might). A pretty ride for probably 98% of the route. Who needs MAX?
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