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Default Welcome to Bikepooling

This forum is meant for people to connect, create and get advice on setting up bikepools in their neighborhoods.

Bikepooling is like carpooling. Portland cyclist Elly Blue started one up in her Southeast neighborhood. I wrote about it on and someone suggested a forum where people could connect.

So here it is. But first, here are a few things to consider when posting your bikepool (suggested by Elly Blue):

A) Your bikepool announcement should include the following information:
--Starting point
--Starting time (specify a meeting time and/or departure time)
--General route (eg, over a particular bridge)
--Other important data, eg fast or slow, beginners welcome, etc.

B) Don't ask if anyone's interested in a certain route/time -- just invite people. You have to go to work anyway, so if it's a weird route and nobody shows up for the first week or two, well, what do you have to lose?
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