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Well, I went out and took some photographs of the most obvious pinch points around my neck of the woods in Vancouver.

Let's start with the one just up the hill from my place. This is NE 97th Ave between NE 6th & NE 9th Streets. Down the hill to the north, there are bike lanes. To the south, there is a northbound shoulder, although not technically a bike lane. In between just 20' of asphalt or so.

Next is NE 136th Ave northbound on a stretch from Mill Plain to NE 9th that I ride almost daily. The bike lane is already narrow at only 4'. On this corner, it narrows down to a minimum of only 3'. Even worse, drivers thoroughly enjoy cutting this corner as they speed past.

On McGillivray coming up to 136th Ave from the west, we have another stretch that randomly pares down to a measly three feet. Here it happens to be right next to on-street parking that is always filled with cars from the adjacent apartment complexes.

Speaking of cutting corners, this is on Parkcrest Ave where I head to Mill Plain every day after school:
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