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Originally Posted by brock View Post
Well, maybe we're reading different threads here, but it sounds to me like he's upset because:

- he proceded reasonably through a stop sign, neither endangering nor inconveniencing anyone else
- was confronted and arguably threatened by someone most likely impersonating a police officer
- then watched that same person violate traffic laws in a way that did potentially endanger someone
Hmmm, I see your point, but I don't necessarily agree. Though he "proceeded reasonably", he did not proceed legally, which is why he got hassled in the first place.

If the person was a police officer they should have identified themselves as such or kept quiet. If you are going to write me up for a warning or ticket... at least I know you're an officer and not just some random Joe.

I also think more cops ought to drive BMW's, but compensation of our police force is another thread altogether.
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