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Default Viagra Blue Miyata

Oregon YXS-683 driven by - you guessed it - white hair white beard middle aged looser. Probably less than 5 years older than me, but looks at least 15 years older.

I am signaling and turning right from the center of the lane across a curb cut. Baby blue chooses to buzz by with less than 6 inches to spare at about 30 MPH. Posted speed is 20. He parked about 4 blocks away and I asked him if that was necessary. He denied speeding, crossing the double yellow line and coming too close. Math literacy skills? I reminded him that if I was in my car I would have even slowed down more for the right turn and the rules of the road are the same for bikes and cars. He thought he was sharing the road and I was not.

I wish there was something I could do besides preach to the choir.
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