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Default Wa 537-vab

Location: Heading westbound on Mill Plain Boulevard in Vancouver, WA between Chkalov and I-205 (Google Maps)
Date & Time: 6:25 pm on Friday, March 6th, 2009
Vehicle: Small silver SUV
Plates: Washington 537-VAB
Driver: Blond-haired middle-aged white woman in red jacket

East of I-205, Mill Plain is three lanes in each direction. West of I-205, there are two lanes in each direction. Heading westbound, the rightmost lane must turn right onto I-205 northbound. There are signs stating this for over a third of a mile to the east. As such, I always move into and take the middle lane until it becomes the right lane on the west side of the freeway.

Nothing out of ordinary for rush hour traffic. Everything was exactly as expected. I was moving as fast as most traffic, even passing the cars on my right that were waiting to get onto I-205 northbound. I'm through Chkalov and approaching the overpass where I make absolutely certain to take the full width of the lane in order to remain as conspicuous as possible to the idiots racing in and out of the weave lane on the north side of the overpass. Just then, a woman wails her horn at me. It lasted for a good three or four seconds as she passed me at less then a safe distance and then cut me off, forcing me into the curb. I looked right at her as she yelled something along the lines of "Get the *expletive* off the road!" at me.

I immediately pulled over and kept repeating the plate number out loud as I called the cops. I'm assuming that all 911 calls are recorded, so the first thing I do is say the plate number as to have a record of it. A police officer was then sent out to look for the car. Hopefully I was able to provide enough information.

This tends to be a problem location simply due to the level of tired suburbanites commuting, and is only further compounded by the complete lack of bicycle facilities.
Gas Tax Holiday? I must be on gas tax retirement.
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