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Default Oregon DOT ?

Originally Posted by bikieboy View Post
vj, i don't know where you can buy this (I'd check Powell's downtown first, you can probably search their website for it) but i checked this out of the Multnomah County library not too long ago so they should have it. You can go online (with a library card) and reserve it, either having it mailed to you ($2) or having it sent to the branch library of your choice (free). Great service!

if you're interested in riding the coast, you should know that the Oregon DOT has a very useful (& free) bike map of the Oregon coast, showing campgrounds, services, elevations, etc.
What is the Oregon DOT? I already contacted Powell's Book Store. They don't have the book and the book is out of print. I found some older versions of the book online, but I would like to have the newest, 4th edition, of the book.
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