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Default respectably disagreeing

I have been bike commuting this route for over a year and never observed a separate North bound South bound light cycle on 29th. It always has turned both north and south 29th light at the same time. Thus the stated danger of the short light cycle, since most vehicles are turning here and short light did not allow everyone ample time to yield and still make the light. While the 29th loops to trigger the light work most of the time there are times when I have sat through several cycles waiting my turn (the latest just yesterday). The signal light cycle for 29th does appear to have lengthened, but the loop still seems to need a bike or vehicle to trigger the loop. I have recently observed it not changing when no one is on the loop, there is no need to cycle 29th signal when no traffic is present unless the loop fails to trigger which in my experience is the rare exception. As for the additional 3 to 5 seconds added to the 29th av light I hope this small improvement in safety does not lengthen
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