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Default Westside Countri-neers: Road Improvement

I was out on a glorious ride today in the environs of the west side country lanes.

Although basically lost for much of the time, I was approaching a familiar sight... "Oh no! Cornellius/Schefflin Road!" [also known as Zion Church Rd]. My approach was from Roy Road, and last time I was there, it was a short nightmare stretch. But I am happy to announce that odot has done a great service to cyclists along this stretch. A beautifully wide smooth bike lane in both directions all the way to/from the round-about.

Also, there is a lot of work being done on the stretch from the round-about to Cornellius. They have the whole stretch closed off. Long Rd may well be improved soon. Didn't get a good look at what they are doing, but it promises to be a good thing. For now, be prepared to go all the way through Forest Grove [Hwy 47] if you're heading south. This will be the case through Feb-9th.
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