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Default I ride a small stretch of Beaverton Hillsdale

I haven't found it to be that bad but then again I ride in a slow stretch. I live in SW near Gabriel Park, Vermont street, etc. so my commute is a pretty short distance to the top of 217 at the business park across the street from St.Vincents hospital.

On a lazy day I ride up Vermont to Hillsdale and over the hill where it drops down and blends into Barbur on that long sweeping left northbound, then into downtown to Burnside where I can bus over burnside to the Cemetary near skyline.

On an ambitious day I take Vermont to Olsen to that wierd 5 way intersection at BHH where the Dublin pub is, Radio Shack, A donut shop (damn smelly donuts), etc.
Then I rip down Beaverton Hillsdale to the street just east of Target and head north across Canyon and up to Walker (that 100 yards westbound on Walker is the only sketchy part) then I am over the bridge of 217 and taking a right on a street that is a pretty gentle hill to the top of 217. I just have to cross a couple bridges and i'm there.

It's a much easier ride than what most of you are doing but if anyone has to go south from around the 217 area there are residential streets that parrallel down to Canyon and from there it's not so bad since the traffic never gets a chance to really pick up a lot of speed.
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