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Default the site's software platform

I'm very fond of Portland Bike Forums and the rich flow of personalities and info I get here. I even send a little out now and then. However, I find the site's software platform exasperating. When I log in I get another log in screen ! When I send a message from my account I get another log in screen ! This morning I lost a half hour of painful 2 finger typing messaging K'Tesh when it dumped me out to log in again !
I can anticipate a few possible answers to these problems, and you can quickly reply by selecting one from the following list, if it's true :
(A) This site is administered by bike enthusiasts who do it as a contribution to the community. Don't bother them with detail you should eventually figure out for yourself. Buck up and be thankful for their service.
(B)The software platform actually is a little buggy. Nothing can be done here. We all have to live with it.
(C)Things haven't been the same since the site was hacked last summer. Perhaps your account was corrupted in some way. We'll check it out, and fix it if possible.
(D) _____.

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