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Default Yikes

Dark maroon (dirty) Subaru Lic. # YDL 759. Driver White Male mid 20s dark hair, unshaven.

Location: 26th and Holgate.

I was traveling south, commuting home in the dark, well past the stop light, in a bike lane, under street lights, and in the glow of the gas station. I have 2 bright and well charged headlights, an orange bike and a yellow wind breaker. The driver takes a wide arc from oncoming travel lane RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME into the gas station. I drop anchor and panic stop.

When I talked with the driver he apologized as if that would absolve him from his potentially murderous inattention. I tried to talk to him about the gravity of his lapse, but I could only blubber non-sequeters and I left with the exclamation "DAMN".

We are the only ones who attend to our safety. Be careful out there!

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