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Default Good Bike Books

I'll add my vote for Effective Cycling by John Forester. Yes, It can be a bit pedantic. But there's a ton of practical information in there as well, from how to ride in traffic or be an effective advocate, to how to do maintenance and repair, or what gear inches are and why they matter. If there's a bicycling textbook, this is it.

Ten Points by Bill Strickland is also a great book. I usually stay away from confessional-type non fiction, but his story of amateur racing and coming to terms with his abusive father was very moving and inspirational.

Speaking of racing, The Ride by Tim Crabbe should be at the top of any cyclist's reading list if you have even a passing interest in what makes bike racers tick. A true classic.

I also really like Bicycle! A Repair and Maintenance Manifesto by Sam Tracy. It may not be the most detailed bike repair manual, but the combination of edginess and sly humor, mixed throughout with a clear love for the machine, makes this a great read.

And while not technically a book, Sheldon Brown's website is packed with at least as much information as any bike book could be; the only difference is that it's not between 2 covers.
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