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Default How do you get change?

Traffic signal heading north on 29th at nw29th and Nicolai is a 5 second green. This is coming off a dead end road that has a cut through for bikes. This is on a route that anyone who works at Chris King might take on a commute. I ride it daily myself. THe problem is trucks and buses that use this route are heading south and turning left to go up towards NW Vaughn and NW 23rd part of town. They know the light only lasts 5 seconds so they don't like to wait for bikes going straight. They start the turn before I clear the intersection and this makes me very nervous. I don't blame them, the light is to short. So seems solution is simple. How and who do I approach to get this changed. BTA, City of Portland or just wait until someone gets hit? I realize nothing is simple and a lengthy review process will be required... but I am not exaggerating this is a 5 SECOND LIGHT!!!! Any help/suggestion is appreciated.
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