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Evergreen Hwy. was perfect. Definitely a little rough, but not too bad.

Went Sunday morning to head to my sister's to watch the NFL on her insanely huge television with the NFL Sunday Ticket (*drool*). Left SW PDX, picked up a buddy off Alberta, headed up Williams to Marine.

From Marine, it was easy: Hopped on the 205 bridge
Followed the path on the Vancouver side to the little neighborhood.
Took a right in the neighborhood.
At the T, I took a left.
Went down a little hill to Evergreen Highway. (Seriously, once you get off the 205 path, just head downhill. You won't miss it.)
Took a left and followed my nose to Camas.
*** go go go go go ***
Eventually crossed over 14 just after you cross the Camas city limits -- I think right after you cross 14, the thing to do is turn right on 5th (like 20 yards past overpass). I did NOT do this, but rather went all the way down to 6th. Which has two lanes, but no bike lane. On a Sunday at 9 a.m., it was fine. Low traffic.
Follow 6th to a stop sign by the stinking mill. Take a right on Adams.
Left on 3rd (no stop necessary)
Right at first light.
Follow it (route 500) over the slough (hold your breath -- ugh, what a stink)
The road bends to the right, and a little later, you'll come to a stoplight for 14. Turn left on 8th, right before it. That's C street, which takes you right into Washougal.

The end.

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