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Default best route?

I'd go:
  • North on 92nd
  • X - Division then LEFT on Mill
  • follow Mill across 82nd at signal, then
  • LEFT on 80th then immediately
  • RIGHT on Stephens
  • at 76th, jog LEFT then RIGHT - you're now on Harrison heading up over the side of Mt Tabor
  • X- 60th ; Harrison becomes Lincoln
  • keep going all the way to Ladd Circle;
  • follow Ladd Ave to NW out of circle
  • at Ladd/12th Hawthorne follow 12th a few blocks to destination (or you can use 16th out of Ladd Circle up to Taylor if this is too busy for you)

a very pleasant, fairly low traffic route. There is a small climb at Mt Tabor but worth it to my mind.
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