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Division is the best crossing of 82nd that I've found. Try 92nd to Division, West on Division to 75th, South on 75th to Woodward. Follow Woodward West, you will need to turn North at 51st (or 50th) a few blocks to Clinton. Follow Clinton to 21st, North on 21st to 7 corners (Division), then take Ladd around the circle, stay on Ladd until you get to Clay. West on Clay to 6th, North on 6th to Madison which takes you over the Hawthorne Bridge.

Except for a few block on Division between 79th & 75th, it's all on Bike Lanes / Bike Routes. This is my commute route to downtown, except I take 148th to Division.

It looks like there might be a better option if you can get to 80th & Center safely. Check the SE Portland Bike Map at
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