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Default White/Cream SUV OR plates 225 CEG

Elderly white male, glasses
OR plates 225 CEG
White/Cream SUV type vehicle

Stopped at red light on SW Barnes Rd, westbound at Cedar Hills intersection, in the rightmost left-turn lane.

Comes up behind us and honks (mind you, there is a red light and we are stopped). We wave (all fingers and smiles)

Green light, off we go, turning left. Note that traffic is also coming in from the right, mostly to get onto Hwy 26 westbound. We always take the lane until we get past the on-ramp, then move over to the shoulder.

He honks again, then passes very closely to my RIGHT (yes, could have touched him), then cuts in front of us, gets in the LEFT lane, and eventually gets onto Hwy 26 EASTBOUND.


Beaverton Police has been told, and will be speaking to him. Firmly.

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