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Originally Posted by cyclotouriste View Post
Sounds like a fantastic trip. How was OR 34? Light traffic? Good scenery? Fun climbs & descents?
OR 34 was both one of the best parts of the trip, and one of the worst parts of the trip. For a good 50 miles after Waldport there is very little (<24") shoulder, and I'm including the gravel. On a few areas, primarily blind hairpin curves, there is NO shoulder. Really, none. I would NOT take this road with anything less than 1 1/4 tires because you absolutely have to ride off the shoulder in deep gravel in some places, even in the weeds in other places. Taking the lane was not an option, because of the blind 45 mph curves. On the other hand, there is blessedly little traffic. Perhaps a car every 10 minutes or so. Whenever I got to a curve, I stopped, listened, and pedalled like hell to get around the curve. And it is absolutely gorgeous and peaceful, running through the Alsea River Valley as it does.
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