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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
A slight, yet MUCH nicer modification of the Reach the Beach route, which you would be reversing is to turn right onto Grand Ronde road, and follow it past the reservation down to Hwy 18 (there is a store at the intersection).
lynnef is right, the RTB route is very nice, and I second her modification as well. Very pleasant route, with a wide variety of scenery. HOWEVER, the RTB only takes you as far Scholls Ferry Road in SW Beaverton. If you're looking to get to downtown PDX, I'd suggest continuing through the route below:

Originally Posted by biciclero View Post
Scholls Ferry North to Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. Right on B-H and on up to Capitol Hwy., over the hill past Wilson High School, down about a half-mile, then left on Terwilliger. Terwilliger ends up at Sam Jackson; turn right and the road curves around and becomes 6th.

I have heard others express dislike for Beaverton-Hillsdale hwy, but I find it not bad at all, once you cross the line into Multnomah county, which is where the bike lane starts. There is a tricky spot right where B-H turns into Capitol Hwy: there is a turn-off for Bertha blvd. where cars are supposed to (according to the signage) "Yield to Bikes", but they *never* do.

This route has the least elevation gain, and Terwilliger is a beautiful stretch of road.
As for bike friendly Brew Pubs, the Lucky Labrador just across the river from downtown (on Hawthorn) is very popular among cyclists.

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