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From Ainsworth you can take either 9th or 17th (bike route jogs over to 18th) down into the Lloyd District. (2 3/4 miles)

Jump on the Max out to Gateway Transit Center.

Get off the Max and jump on the I-205 bike path (right there!) South to Division.
Division (busy road but has a bike lane out there) West to 82nd. (2 1/2 miles)

As she gets more and more comfortable riding she can rely on the Max less. Maybe riding down 17th/18th to NE Tillamook, heading East and follow the bike route signs into Hollywood and get on the Max at the Hollywood Transit Center (adds about 2 more flat miles).

Eventually she can zig zag past the Hollywood transit Center all the way to the I-205 path and not have to use the Max at all.

Good luck. I hope this helps!
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