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19 Aug 08 13:10
Westbound SE 34th between SE 192nd Ave & SE Hiddenbrook Dr, Vancouver

Silver Suzuki, Compact Sedan
Washington plates: 068 SWV

Man in late 40s, early 50s, gray hair, eyeglasses. Following too closely (close enough that I couldn't see his front bumper in my mirror), revving engine and buzzing during pass.

I was traveling approx 30mph (can check GPS if needed). He was in a big hurry to get to red light at SE Hiddenbrook Dr where I pulled up behind him and got photo of license plate. Didn't confront motorist because I was (and still am) shaken and needed to get back to work without dying on the street in front of it.

Left message for Sgt Wayne, Vancouver Traffic Division, 360 487 7485 with details.
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