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Default Portland to McMinville

Just rode to McMinville yesterday. I just took the 99W to a few miles out of Newberg then took the 18 to McMinville. There is a bridge before Sherwood (sidewalk avaliable) and a couple spots with gravel and some rough pavement, otherwise was good wide shoulder the whole way. Only tricky parts are getting into a left lane to stay on 99W right outside of Sherwood and getting into the left lane to turn off 99W to HWY 18. I didn't have any trouble making the turns but that type of situation can always get hairy if you aren't careful.

It's an enjoyable ride, lots of farms and vineyards. Plenty of rest stops and you go by the Air and Space Museum.

Good times.

*edit: If you wanted to cut some miles off you can catch the bus #12 which takes you all the way out to Sherwood. That would make the ride only about 22-25 miles from there to McMinville.

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