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Default portland for beginners

some things new students (and you!) should know about in the region you seem to be covering:
-laurelhurst theater on 28th and burnside.
-citybikes on ankeny (yeah, it's getting kicked around in the forums, but it's a great resource for cheap bike stuff).
-powell's on hawthorne.
-pix patisserie on about 28th and division.
-palio coffee shop on ladd's circle.
-laurelhurst park on about 32nd and ankeny.
-mount tabor on about 50th and hawthorne.
-portlandia downtown of course on sw 5th and madison.
-there's a nice memorial to a bicyclist who was killed on se taylor between 28th and 39th somewhere.
-portland's heritage trees are impressive (all over the place).
-bike mural on auto repair shop building on about 40th and hawthorne.
-there's one of those painted community intersections just south of belmont between 28th and 39th somewhere.
-community gardens (all over the place).
-made in oregon sign returning westbound on broadway bridge.
-joan of arc statue in traffic circle on 39th and glisan (not too bike friendly).
-freegeek is in inner southeast somewhere too, though i don't know where or how picturesque it is.

i'm surprised at how little outdoor art i can think of over on our side of the river. we mostly do the nature thing outside i guess.
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