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Question Portland to McMinnville

Hi there. I have a couple of questions. First, does anyone know what the closest Max stop is to the start of the Reach the Beach bike route (a friend and I will be doing this ride, or something similar to it, to hit the coast next weekend)? I've searched high and low to figure this out and I know that the ride starts at Scholls Ferry Elementary School but neither nor anything out there is able to successfully tell me what that closest Max stop actually is. I swear I read somewhere that it is possible to get out there by Max. We're considering taking the Max out there to start.

My 2nd question - we're doing this coast ride in 2 days. Day 1 we will bike to McMinnville and stay over with friends, Day 2 we will head out to Pacific City. We pretty much have the McMinnville to Pacific City route mapped out but we may want to bike from PDX proper (skipping the whole taking the Max out to Beaverton idea) out to McMinnville if we can find a good route so if anyone has done that ride and has any suggestions, they would be most welcome.

Thanks very much!

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