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Default Hope this isn't too late...

I-205 bridge and then the frontage road south of SR-14 out to Camas. Don't follow the bike route signs; you can ride all the way to Camas without getting onto SR-14.

You'll be on SR-14 after that up past Cape Horn. Be sure to stop and take pictures!

They don't charge bikes to cross at Cascade Locks any more (hooray!) If you're brave, look down as you're riding over the bridge. The grate disappears and it looks like you're flying over whitewater.

On the way back, don't take I-84, there is a bike path right as you get onto the westbound I-84 onramp. However, there is a landslide at one point on the bike path, easily navigable.

Here are some old directions from the cycleoregon yahoo group:

0.0 Montavilia Park, N.E. 82nd and Glisan Street, is the beginning point. Travel east on Glisan.
0.7 Stop on the sidewalk at the bike route just after the viaduct over 1-205. Press the button to be able to cross Glisan and ride north on the bike path, following the signs.
4.5 Turn left on the bike path following the signs to Washington Points.
7.2 Bike path ends, turn right (23rd Street, unmarked).
7.5 T-intersection at Ellsworth Road, turn left.
7.6 Stop sign at Evergreen Highway, turn left.
14.7 Stop sign at 6th Avenue, turn right toward Camas.
15.7 Stop sign at Adams Street, turn right. There are stores and restaurants around here.
15.8 Flashing yellow light at 3rd Avenue, turn left.
16.0 Traffic light at Dallas Street, turn right. This becomes 6th Avenue and Union Street.
17.0 Stop sign at State Route 14, turn left.
27.6 Good view, one of many along here.
35.5 Skamania, with a grocery store and a restaurant.
37.3 Beacon Rock State Park on the right.
44.2 Turn right to the Bridge of the Gods. This is a toll bridge; cyclists pay 50@ (even though you've been pedaling for hours).
44.9 Cascade Locks. Restaurants and store are here. Turn left toward Portland on Highway 30 Westbound, which becomes the 1-84 freeway, where you ride on the shoulder, carefully.
50.6 Take the Warrendale Exit #37.
51.1 Turn left, toward Dodson and Portland. Then at the T-intersection turn right. This is the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway.
52.9 T-intersection, turn left toward Multnomah Falls and Portland.
53.2 T-intersection, turn left to the Scenic Highway (not right to Portland via 1-84).
53.6 Ainsworth State Park.
54.5 Horsetail Falls.
54.9 Oneonta Gorge.
57.1 Multnomah Falls, with a restaurant and snack bar.
57.7 Wahkeena Falls, picnic area.
60.2 Take the left fork, to stay on the Scenic Highway, toward Crown Point.
61.1 Bridal Veil State Park.
61.9 Shepperds Dell.
63.1 Latourell Falls.
65.6 Vista House at Crown Point State Park.
66.7 Women's Forum State Park.
68.5 Corbett. Grocery store.
71.2 Springdale. Store, restaurant.
72.3 Dabney State Park.
75.1 Turn left with the road, crossing the Troutdale Bridge over the Sandy River. This becomes Columbia River Highway.
75.8 Town of Troutdale.
76.1 Curve left toward Wood Village on Halsey Street.
82.8 Traffic light at 131st Place/132nd Avenue, turn left.
83.3 Stop sign at Glisan Street, turn right.
85.9 Return to Montavilia Park, 82nd and Glisan Street.
ORS 811.065 (1)(a):

The driver of a motor vehicle may only pass a person operating a bicycle by driving to the left of the bicycle at a safe distance and returning to the lane of travel once the motor vehicle is safely clear of the overtaken bicycle. For the purposes of this paragraph, a “safe distance” means a distance that is sufficient to prevent contact with the person operating the bicycle if the person were to fall into the driver’s lane of traffic....

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