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Originally Posted by heatherg View Post
However, it seems like 80% of people use the SB exclusively, since the connectivity from the NB is funky.
Maybe I'm just the crazy one, but while the NB path is narrower, I find the connections to be better. I don't mind going under the bridge on Columbia Way in Vancouver, and I would say that I prefer it to the tunnel on Hayden Island. Either way, I just go with traffic.

Originally Posted by Schrauf View Post
Definitely try using the NB side. Even though it is about 20% narrower, it does not feel any more scary to me. You get used to it quick. When the path is definitely clear, and the wind is right, I hit almost 30 mph on the downhill. Well, that is probably stupid, and asking for a girder in my face, but a solid 15 mph should be perfectly safe.
I would have to agree with you on this. Despite being 40" at the narrowest, I find the railing to be more pleasant to ride by. I think it's the lack of visual obstruction that just makes it seem bigger, as opposed to riding next to the foot-wide concrete posts on the SB side.

On a side note, while riding NB on the bridge today, I encountered the first person headed SB on the NB side that I've seen so far. Usually it is the other way around.
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