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Talking Pruning Along The Way...

Was riding home from physical therapy on SW Bonita Rd. in Tigard the other day when I encountered several trees with low branches. I pulled out the shears and the Swiss Army Knife, and got to work...

Besides the people, can you spot any differences in the two images?

She was about 5'4", he was closer to 6'4". I think that the difference should be quite noticeable...

Check out the damaged branch that the tree had (it was the biggest and lowest of the ones hanging over the sidewalk)...

Looked like someone had tried to break it off, too bad they waited for 5+ years before they tried.

Can you imagine how much better off that tree would have been if that branch had been removed when it started to grow over the sidewalk? Hmmmmm

Rubberside Down!

(ps, I did move the debris out of the sidewalk, but it was left on barkdust... No grass to be killed)
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