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Ok, good to know about Padden. I did notice the path along the south side. I knew Andressen is a busy road, so I wasn't quite sure how that would work...especially at rush hour. But as long as there is a bike lane, I think it should be fine. Once I get to Padden I head west to the St. Johns intersection. From there I go N on St Johns but only for maybe a 100 yards so pending any dummy drivers, it should be a pretty safe route.

What I did notice yesterday that I thought was strange was after the 205 overpass as you begin to head up Ellsworth there are entrance and exit ramps that go down to 14. I don't think I would ever ride along 14. The paths just spit you right out onto the shoulder with nowhere to go....and cars are flying along there.

Thanks again for the advice and the links.
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