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Originally Posted by dahoos78 View Post
I guess the only tricky part will be crossing over the 205 and Padden interchange as I head toward St. Johns.
No problem! Bikes are banned on Padden, (last I checked anyway) and required to use the path that runs along the south side; over the pedestrian bridge that crosses I-205. Fortunately, it isn't a scenic or park path, it doesn't have any trailhead parking, and so it doesn't seem to get a whole lot of use. The only real bummer is the stepped slope on the east side of the bridge over I-205. It's a bit weird to climb, and takes the fun out of the way down. If I was 12, I'd jump every last rise in the pavement on a bmx bike, climb back up and do it again....
An alternative might be to take a left on Burton over to Andresen and take that north to Padden, then west to St. John's. Andresen is big, fast and busy, but has a bike lane and almost no driveways to worry about north of Fourth Plain!
If you're headed north of the 99th street intersection of St. John's, it is a narrow high speed road. It might be intimidating, but it's not impossible! I've seen quite a few local kids on foot and on bike up and down that stretch. At least it doesn't have the Brush Prairie style six foot deep ditch, there's some gravel and grass to walk on if you feel the need!

Maybe I'll wander down that direction tomorrow, this thread makes me realize I don't have the east end of Vancouver down as well as I'd like!
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