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136th Avenue is severely torn up and under construction past Evergreen high school!!! The traffic will be thick and confused. I wouldn't advise going through there for a while with anything resembling street bike parts. It's pretty lumpy.
Going north on 112th Avenue is a lot better than south, since the worst of it goes downhill thataway. The extra speed helps to negotiate with drivers. It's not one of my favorite roads.
Here's how I might do it:

It's a little longer, but less unpleasant. From Ellsworth to 98th Avenue, the 10th street road surface is pretty bad, but there are options there. You could cruise right up 112th Avenue, but that's not one of my favorite routes; I'd rather take a back route. (I'm such a sissy! On the corner of 117th Avenue and 65th street is Brewed Awakenings, which is a decent Vancouver source of caffeinated sustenance. The milkshakes are especially worthy of being consumed. Around and over, north on 107th, and there you are!
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