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Originally Posted by destroying.angel View Post
I am a not-very-large-or-scary-looking female.
As one who fits that category, I understand your gut feeling, although I personally would prefer to cruise down the lane of a lightly traveled Terwilliger to challenging the heavier, speedier (and drunker?) Barbur traffic.
Here is another option your might try: From Hamilton, cross Barbur and turn left on Corbett. Ride Corbett all the way north where it joins 1st Ave, then choose your route to the bridge.
One other: From Hamilton/Corbett, turn RIGHT (south) on Corbett, over the freeway. Then left at the first thru street to Macadam--Richardson or Mitchell, can't remember. Then left (north) on Macadam to Bancroft, right on Bancroft to Moody. You can then ride Moody to and through RiverPlace and Waterfront Park to the Hawthorne Br. I would try this route first in daylight. You might have the same reservations about it as you do with Terwilliger.
Too bad the tram isn't running at midnight; that would solve your problem. Do you use it to transport you and bike up to OHSU?
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