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Default Nighttime commute from OHSU to SE

Thanks, K'tesh, for the illuminating info!
And Wrinkles . . . I may try staying on Barbur. It's slightly less direct but worth trying.
I'm not comfortable heading alone down Terwilliger at midnight because I am a not-very-large-or-scary-looking female. I've gone out to run at around 9pm and found Terwilliger to be creepily deserted. Guys (assuming here) have a tendency not to understand what it feels like to grow up feeling vulnerable to random attacks by strangers, but I make it a habit to avoid situations that feel inherently risky to me.
I've posted on the bikepooling forum, but I know it's a real long shot that anyone else on the hill who rides a bike leaves the same time I do . . .
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