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Default PDX to Tillamook???

Hey, I'm thinking about trying to do an insane (for me) ride from my house to the coast in two days....singlespeed. call me crazy. I'd bring very light camping gear and probably buy food along the way. I'd meet my friends at the coast who are car camping. Does anyone know if there is good camping near tillamook? I just want to go there because it seems like a good route to go out burnside to 8 and then 8 to 6. But if anyone knows of a great camping site on the coast that I could convince my friends to go to and I could conceivably get to in two days with one gear.....I know this probably sounds crazy but I can take it slow and I am looking for a challenge...Or any other low elevation routes sound good. Also, ayone know if I can take a bus with my bike back from Tillamook????

thanks for your input, any advice is very welcome

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