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Default Route to my interview on Monday

So, I'm just trying to get some feedback here. I have an interview out at 42nd and SE Woodstock on Monday morning. I already know that I'm coming across the river either via the Steel Bridge or the Hawthorne bridge (you can get onto Hawthorne from the esplanade right?), up Hawthorne to Ladd, Ladd to 21st, but then I'm not sure what the best route might be or if anyone has any opinions on different streets.

I'm thinking of either going up Clinton and taking the 43rd/42nd/41st route to Woodstock. OR taking 21st to Gladstone and then either up Gladstone to 42nd, up Steele to 42nd, or going up Gladstone to 28th to Woodstock and up Woodstock. Anyways, I'm just wondering whether any of those roads are more or less trafficked. I'm very comfortable in traffic, but I prefer mellow rides.
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