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Lightbulb I wouldn't worry much about the grass....

Originally Posted by djasonpenney View Post
Those poor blades of grass. What did they ever do to hurt you? Do you suppose you could move the clippings onto the parking lot or some other place where vulnerable road users don't travel? Neatly trimmed grass should be encouraged; it's relatively innocuous compared to the issues you've been addressing.
I would worry much about that grass. As you can see in the pic, its well mowed, so it is reasonable to believe that the property has a landscaping company which comes out regularly. I'm sure that they'll handle it...

However, if the landscaping company was doing it's job properly, I wouldn't have needed to prune those trees in the first place.

Also, I work in daylight, but I still don't need some angry misguided person confronting me while I do my "work". I just want to cut and run...

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