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Default White Delivery/Moving Truck

License Plate: VMX 670 (Oregon)
Vehicle Description: White moving or delivery type truck. No noticable logos or writing.
Location: West bound on SE Powell just before intersection at SE Powell and SE Milwaukie
Date/Time: Wed June 8, 2008 at about 7:45AM

I heard a vehicle come up behind me and I thought it was probably a bus. I glanced back to see the grill of a white truck 4 to 5 feet directly behind me. I maintained my speed and was about 1.5 feet off the right curb. The truck sped up to pass, but paused when the passenger side was even with me, about 3 feet from me, and the passeger (wearing a baseball cap and what looked like a gray college logo pullover) leaned out the window to yell at me, "Get off the fucking road. Go home". They then sped up and made the right turn off of SE Powell onto North bound SE Milwaukie.

Please post responses here: Re: VMX 670, Thanks! K'Tesh

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