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Talking Finished My Work On Tigard's Viaduct Tonight...

I've spent several evenings working on 99W, mosty on the Tigard Viaduct, and the Tualatin River Bridge... Here's the Viaduct pics...

Note: EB on the Viaduct, we have a Bike Lane marked... Not so on the WB

Just past the SW Main/SW Johnson St and 99W intersection, this is the beginning of the Eastbound Tigard Overcrossing (Viaduct).

Note: Could you see the sign? Can you now?

That sign is going to play a roll in my next personal crusade... Why are there no signs on the lead up to the Westbound side, but two on the Eastbound? Why are there none in either direction on the Tualatin River Bridge?

Damn, that was low... Not anymore!!!

Low branches? We don't need any stinking low branches...

end pt. I
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