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Going off Kenl's suggestion about the Sellwood-- if you can get up over Terwilliger, you can easily get to Tualatin by going down Barbur/Hwy99 to Hall, left, then straight down to left on Durham Rd, right on Upper Boones, and straight into Tualatin.

Or, straight down 99W through King City, left on 124th, then left on Tualatin Rd, and there you are, Tualatin.

What side of Tualatin does he need to be on? I'd be wary of riding on the back roads like Stafford and 65th, there are no shoulders or bike lanes and the speeds the cars go at can tend to be high-- it may be posted 45, but the locals know they can get up to at least 55 on certain stretches... and there are enough blind corners that it makes me nervous!
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