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Thumbs up Sherwood and Tigard are a lot better tonight...

Today, I was in Sherwood...

ODOT is working on my complaint with the hedge overgrowing the bike lane WB at the Rock Creek Bridge... They didn't finish, but it's a hell of a lot better.

Before and after trimming, the hedge at Rock Creek Bridge on 99W WB

As I rode home, I found numerous black locust weeds (oops, trees) growing around 124th on the EB side... Took photos... lots of photos, then headed for home.

I noticed that there are a lot of REALLY ANNOYING ommissions for bike safety on the Tualatin River Bridge, but I didn't have enough light to take the pics I wanted, so I get to do them again... But I did manage to do some trimming on the East side of the bridge...

Um, where did that speed limit sign come from?

and just a few yards away...

I carried on into Tigard, and when I got to the viaduct I found some of the things I want for the Tualatin River Bridge... and some that I didn't... So, more pruning...

Before and after pruning tonight on the Tigard Viaduct.

This is the area behind me in the photo you see in the Now You See it... Now You Don't... thread.

I left Sherwood at 820pm, I got home at 11pm. Took a shower, and started uploading pics. Oh, yeah, I also called Beaverton Code Service and complained about the trees that were planted along SW Hall, near Albertsons... they are a bit low, and they've had time to grow since being planted a couple of years ago.

I'm still going strong... There are opportunities out there for all of us to make improvements... Photos, emails, letters to the editor, phone calls, pruining, sweeping you name it...

Keep Up the Good Work!!!
Riding my bike is MY pursuit of Happiness!!!

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