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Default A slightly different approach...

OK this may sound like a totally lazy-arse excuse, but...

There's this nice, obvious - can see it from 3 blocks away - pile of glass in the bike lane on SE 96th in front of the Christian High School and across the street from the entrance to the N-S MAX construction.

I seriously thought about sweeping it up, but then my mind took an odd turn:

a) It's so obvious it's unbelievable that the people at the school or the construction/road dudes haven't done a thing for over a month.

b) It's an educational opportunity. I can't count the times my E. Side neighbors have complained: "Why do bikers leave the bike lane?" They usually can't see what we do in the bike lane... but this case is different.

That stretch is well traveled and I have (carefully, mind you) made a huge display of leaving the bike lane - waving to the vehicles approaching behind me and apologizing as I plaintively point to the glass.

Reactions to my actions from drivers range from a friendly wave, a shocked widened expression as they see the glass, a sympathetic nod and a casual acknowledgement of my plight as they either pass or slow to let me get around the hazard.

I've got to think I'm getting a few "Aha... oh I never thought about that!" moments from more than a few drivers. For the last two weeks every single driver has noted the glass and reactions have been positive.

That said - I'm probably going to pick it up this weekend.
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