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I took my challenge serious today.

I decided to check on things along SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton again. This is my old commute route, prior to switching to the Fanno Creek Trail, and Hwy 217.

I can honestly say, that starting from the Beaverton Transit Center, and conlcuding at the Tigard Transit Center, following the 76/78 bus routes, I cannot see an area without a tree, bush, or bramble that I haven't personally cut into compliance (8' above the ROW), or called and complained about to code services. (I'm more hands on, so code services only got the big jobs).

Today, it was an old favorite... These two pine trees, on Hall, approaching the railroad crossing near SW Cascade have drooped below 6 feet above the sidewalk (again).

I did a lot of cutting, and now they are above 8 feet again (for how long???)..

I also cut on blackberry bushes on SW Cascade, took out a wild tree that was pushing thru the asphalt there. This morning heading into work, I removed some debris from the Greenburg/Hwy 217 SB onramp (got a few thumbs up and friendly beeps from passers by).

The next morning, I took this photo... you can now ride thru without hitting branches (even with your hand held above your head).

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