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Talking I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends...

Meet Hunter... He's that guy behind the branches...

Oh, Now we can see him...

Hi Hunter!

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me out on N. Interstate Avenue today... I'm sure that the rest of the gang who rides out there would like to say thanks too.

Hunter just moved up to PDX from the Bay Area... He was surprised to see how bike friendly PDX is, wide bike lanes... lots of friendly cyclists, and even the motorists seem to be cool.

Anyway, this is what got done after you had to take off.

(Just for you folks who might think I only cared about the Westside... DAMNED black locust!!!)

Once again,
Thanks! And Welcome to Portland!

And Thanks to All who are taking up the challenge! Keep it up!

Rubberside Down!

ps (I'd add more images, but I'm at the max allowed... Ack!)
pps... this was my 600th post... and I'm still going...
Riding my bike is MY pursuit of Happiness!!!

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